The Crest of the Order of Telperion Knights of the Holy Order of Telperion:
  unite, in brotherhood;
  observe, in the appropriate manner;
  sacrifice, for the glory which awaits us.
The Crest of the Order of Telperion

In the Names of God, of St. Michæl, of St. George..
We, in Diaspora, are..
Founding Knight, Sir Jon Touchstone
Alpha Knight, Sir Derrick Lyndon Pallas
Beta Knight, Sir Adam C. Davis
Gamma Knight, Sir Ross Anderson
Delta Knight, Sir Dave DeVore
Epsilon Knight, Sir Colby Clegg
Zeta Knight, Sir Matt Newgren
Eta Knight, Sir Luis Navarro
Iota Knight, Sir Michæl Kinnear

..with aid from..
Brian Lawrence, Priest of Melchizedek
Kevin Kaub, Master of Electrons

..and Alpha Gamma Omega fraternity, Iota chapter.

This is only the temporal Telperion
Of which there is a celestial counterpart
The one we know, but a shadow of greater things

The standing of the Order has been tarnished by the works of evil men, but none can break our unity, our vocation, our reward.

Some times we play Progress Quest, wherein we have a guild.

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